Sundae wine boss and pioneer, Rob Niemeyer, was born, raised, and lives in Boulder, Colorado.  His entrepreneurial nature has led him on many journeys throughout his life so far, but his true passion is wine.  Over the years he has tasted his fair share of extravagant, collector-grade wines, but he was left wanting for a wine that was truly perfect, yet uncomplicated.  He imagined honest ingredients and a brand that valued people.  He imagined a wine of collector quality that was meant to be enjoyed regularly.  

So, he decided to make it.

The name Sundae came easily.  Rob thought that the key to a deliciously drinkable wine was in the layering of flavors, much like how the layers of an ice cream sundae play with one another in each dynamic spoonful.  He went on tireless - albeit very enjoyable - journeys to taste from Napa’s many barrels in order to find the perfect chardonnay and pinot noir.  He sought out and teamed up with renowned winemaker Lars Bjorkman.  Together they were relentless in achieving the perfect flavor.  As for the rest of the team, Rob didn’t have to look very far.  His wife, Sheri, quickly became his partner and Sundae empress.  Her daughter, Kathryn, applied her digital design talents to create the label and captivating aesthetic that would come to represent the brand.  Before we knew it, Sundae had become a family business that was created by the very camaraderie and passion for connection and experience that it aimed to fulfill in its consumer’s lives.  

Our dedication is to the experience people have while drinking Sundae.  We value the small moments that you cherish when you open a bottle of wine.  We value family and community. We value the quality of the ingredients you imbibe, leaving out excess chemicals or sugars. We made the very wine that we would choose to drink, and we cannot wait to share it with you.  When you were a kid, you grabbed a spoon to share a sundae with someone special.  

Now, grab a glass, and share some Sundae wine with us.
Sundae Wines