Wine industry changes favor consumers

Colorado’s fastest growing Sundae Wines is disrupting traditions surrounding wine marketing & pricing.

Denver, Colorado, Oct 15, 2017 — For 2017 Sales, Sundae wines is the top seller in its’ class. WSJ reports “dissecting the wine market is perplexing because there are thousands of wineries but we’re starting to get some revealing data and feedback as to why Sundae Wines is the fastest growing brand in Colorado.” Worldwide distributor spokesperson Max Baker states “Sundae has tapped into some relevant sales and marketing trends that weren’t very easy to detect.“ Furthermore, Sundae wines owner Robert Niemeyer identified and solved some problems lodged deeply within the 21 billion dollar wine industry. He believed the wine industry was too mired in tradition, confusion, snobbery and myths. Niemeyer added, “going to purchase wine was oftentimes a negative & confounding buying experience.” Niemeyer also noticed a significant market shift, millennials were beginning to consume lots of wine. Sundae wines was born at the intersection of two things, thinking about how to disrupt the wine industry while focusing more on quality and simplicity. Moreover, Sundae Wine’s playful name is clever & intentional branding describing the subtle layers of flavors found within his 3 wine products . Niemeyer states,” I think we really struck a nerve with people who are looking for better and bigger wines but also thinking more holistically about buying wine with the highest rating at the lowest price.”

Sundae Wines is flying off the shelves according to Denver

Liquor Galaxy merchant Danny Romero. No one has offered this quality, 93 & 94 scores at $12.99 for the Chardonnay and $14.99 for the Pinot Noir.

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