Sheri’s mother, Dixie, cherished the finer things in life.  She collected many beautiful things - jewelry, ornaments, hummingbird figurines, to name a few.  One of her collections was of beautifully crafted bars of soap.  They were in exquisite, sparkling boxes, wrapped in intricate tissue paper, and their scents were perfumed and exotic.  She would not use the soaps, however.  She would bathe with the cheaper bars from the convenience store.  The nice soaps were for saving; they were for collecting.
When Dixie passed away, Sheri dutifully began going through her mother’s many things.  With her mother gone, however, these objects seemed to have lost the energy and the essence that made them meaningful.  Now, they just seemed like things - things that were going to be put into boxes and stored, things that might end up at the thrift store or the dump, things that were simply material objects.  They had become void of the very vitality and essence that speak to the human soul.
When she finally came upon the collection of soaps, Sheri was overcome with a realization.  Her mother died without ever having used any of these beautiful soaps that she loved so much.  Sheri thought about her own collection of unburnt, special candles she had at her own home and thought, what are we saving these things for?  Why do we go day to day waiting for a better moment or a special occasion to take a chance or experience something special?  She didn’t know it at the time, but it was that moment when Sundae Wines’ heart began to beat, and our mission was born. 
Life is fleeting - what are we waiting for?  We should use the fine soaps, burn the expensive candles, find and experience love, and beyond a shadow of a doubt, we should open, drink, and share the finest wine.

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